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December 10, 2013
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Touchy Feely by w-oo-t Touchy Feely by w-oo-t
It was supposed to be like a sleepover- at least, that's how Jodie naively envisioned it. They'd stay up late practicing their debate tactics, talk, maybe order a pizza. She had packed a word game to play and bought candy to share. God she was stupid! Practically the second they were left unsupervised in their hotel room, Lin and Cassie snuck out to some stupid party hosted by kids from Galesburg. They didn't even ask her to come. 

Of course, that could be because they knew Jodie would say no. She knew she was a bit of a stick in the mud, but that wasn't supposed to be a big deal among other Debate Team members, right? Jodie also didn't want to betray the trust Ms. Hattley put in them. And she for damn sure didn't want to go to some strange party where she could be stared at and teased. 

Jodie shifted under the blankets, looked down past her book at her bulky lower half, frowned, guiltily brushed a candy wrapper off her belly and onto the floor. She had eaten most of her stash while staying up and waiting like a worried parent for the other girls to get back. It was 2:21 AM. Her eyelids drooped, head nodded, then sprung back upright when she heard Lin and Cassie fumbling at the lock on the door outside. It took them several tries with the keycard before they exploded into the room, giggling until Cassie brought a finger up to her mouth and gave a loud "SHHH! Jodie's sleeping!" Lin found that absolutely hysterical. The door clunked shut behind them, briefly silencing them until Cassie declared: "THIS HOTEL IS HAUNTED!" That had Lin doubled up on the floor wheezing with laughter. 

They were obviously impaired. But were they drunk, or high or what? Jodie wasn't quite sure what to do. Should she wake up Ms. Hattley? No no no- they'd hate her forever if she did that, and they needed to be a team tomorrow. The only sensible thing to do would be to get them to bed. Jodie left the shield of her covers behind her and plodded over to the other two girls. 

Surprisingly, Cassie met her halfway. "OHMYGOD, JODIE- CAN I TOUCH IT?" 'It' was apparently her belly, and without being permitted, Cassie grabbed a big handful of her midsection and began to knead. "OHMYGOD this feels so amazing! Lin, you gotta touch it." The other girl happily obliged, one hand poking at one of her generous love handles, and the other, awkwardly running up a plump arm until meeting the fabric of her bra. Cassie tore her worshipful gaze away from Jodie's stomach to her shocked face. "Jodie?" 


"You're awesome," Cassie beamed boozily.
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Lionalliance Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Precious belly :P
Suggestion: hey Clara, I dare you to slip some nicotine into that skinny bitches next "treat" that'll teach here to brag about her weight.
She looks very cute, soft and plump, and as others have suggested, I'd like to see more of her, in both senses.
TheToyGolem Dec 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I must commend you on your story writing, I was thoroughly transported. Just as a story this would have earned a fave but then the picture, you have talent you artist, you. Take my fave and one day I hope we can rival eachother.
It would be awsome if this was a short comic
"Boozily" is an awesome adjective.
This was absolutely great, that story just completed it! Part 2 maybe? Please? :)
I wanna see where this goes! 
Hah- you guys got me thinking about a part 2 now :]
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