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Come to Grips pt2
Come to Grips

Maya was behind Heather now, mushing her belly fat together with both hands. She took a step forwards, nudging the larger girl that much closer to Sydney. "Take it. She needs your guidance."

Something weird was going on between these two, and Sydney had tromped right in the middle of it trying to be the hero. "Me? You're an instructor too. But so far I've heard more insults than weight loss plans."

"Oh, trust me, I've tried. She may look like a pushover, but she's stubborn. She refuses to exercise. She's a hog so she can't stick to a diet. You've never seen someone eat the way Heather can. When she's bingeing, she uses both hands to shovel it in." Maya broke eye contact with Sydney to glance down to about chest level. She smiled wickedly. "And the expression on her face when she's doing it is pure bliss, like she doesn't care how big she's making herself. As much as I try to instill some shame, her waist keeps on getting wider." 

Sydney could guess what Maya had seen. Heather was looking now too. All this talk about Heather fattening up had made her nipples rock-hard erect; twin Judases telegraphing her arousal. Cupping them with her hands would just draw more attention to them. Was her cover finally blown? She should just get it over with, surrender, drop her duffle bag and help herself to handfuls of Heather's squishy middle.  

Evidently, Maya could read her like a book. "Oh my god. Sydney: perfect figure, perfect tan, gung-ho trainer, big-titted blonde Sydney likes fat chicks. And not just chubby ones- you love gross blimps like Heather. You were getting off on me talking about the way she eats. You wanna see her get fatter. Disgusting. You're just as depraved and greedy as her."

Sydney was sick of the insults. "There's nothing wrong with thinking Heather's beautiful."  

"So beautiful you won't put a hand on her. Maybe you've stolen a secret glance as she, or some other fatty works out across the gym. But they've never been this close in front of you, presenting themselves to you like this. You've never been with a woman this large before, have you? Come out with it. I promise you'll like it."

Some of that was true. Sydney was as terrified as she was horny. She clung to nobility. "I haven't touched her because she hasn't invited me to."

"Whoops," Maya said, "clumsy oversight. Lemme just ask." Maya's hand snuck under Heather's overhanging gut. "Heather, would you mind if hot-as-fuck Sydney gropes you for a while? You'll be her first. She'll daydream about your belly for the rest of her life." Maya's forearm was hidden under fat, hand tunneling between folded stomach and chunky thigh until it reached the center of the big girl's lap. "You think that'd be OK?" 

It wasn't difficult to imagine what Maya was doing with her fingers because Heather closed her eyes, took a sharp inward breath, and tilted her head back as she rocked her pelvis forward. Heather was brought frustratingly short of climax before Maya retracted. She rubbed her slickened fingers together. There was a smell of sex in the locker room. "Sopping... that's a yes by the way."
Come to Grips pt1
If the gym had been closed for over an hour, why were there voices coming from inside the women's locker room? Sydney paused at the door, leaned close, and put her ear to it. It sounded like someone was getting chewed out by one of her fellow instructors; Maya probably- she was a prickly one. But the words were still too muddied. Sydney opened the door slowly, a crack, then just wide enough for her to shoulder her way into the darkened space beyond.

She sidestepped, and her protruding chest hit the door with a soft thump. Dammit!

"Did you hear that?" Sydney didn't recognize the new voice.

The other woman was definitely Maya. "All I heard was your stomach grumbling. Still hungry after all those shakes? You're a bottomless pit."  

Sydney edged closer to the source of the sound. She peeked around a row of lockers and there they were: Maya stood alongside one of the gym's recent members, an enormous woman named Heather. Maya's hands were all over Heather's doughy midsection.

"Is this not big enough for you? Keep it up and this ridiculous gut you keep fueling is gonna reach your knees. Would you enjoy that? Imagine the looks you'd get as you waddled around the gym. Everyone else getting thinner, fitter, and you keep going the opposite way. Do you like that idea?"

Heather bit back a moan.

"I think you do. I think that this-" Maya shook Heather's stomach blubber. "Is you giving up. You're a  pig that's out of control and I want you to admit it."

"I-I'm a-"

That was it! Sydney marched out of the shadows. "Heather, don't you dare say that! And Maya- what on earth are you doing? We are supposed to be creating a supportive environment. Apologize to poor Heather."

Heather froze like a frightened rabbit. Her already-flushed face got even redder.

Maya jumped a foot in the air. She bit back a torrent of savage insults as she struggled to formulate a reply. "How much did you...? Whatever. You've got it all wrong. This is a, uh- a new- a new sort of weight loss therapy. Shame based. New stuff. It operates on tough love principles. I'm letting Heather know what's wrong so she can target problem areas." All of a sudden, Maya smiled. "You're an instructor; you can help me. Help her."

"Maya!" Heather whined.

Sydney put her hand on Heather's shoulder in solidarity. "The way to help isn't with insults. It's by caring."

Maya's trap snapped shut. "Wrong! That's exactly the attitude that got Heather to where she is now. A few college pounds show up around her middle and her friends keep saying she looks good. Then after graduation she's living in her parent's basement and nobody stops her from raiding the fridge every night. Months pass. Her folks are proud she's finally found a job, even if it's working fast food, so they don't call her out on how much she makes the stairs creak as she huffs and puffs up them. Does her boss say anything about the way her uniform's polo shirt continues to ride up her burger-fed belly? No- they'll take any slob that can operate a cash register."

"Hey!" Heather squeaked. Flustered, she started playing with the generous roll above her navel.

Maya ignored her. "Are you gonna side with the people that let her get this way? Shake her up!" Maya jostled Heather's stomach fat, gripped it rudely, turning the large woman until she faced Sydney, offering it to her.  

Come to Grips pt2
Distractions, Distractions
Note- She didn't have a name or story before, but Lindsey is from way back:…

"Can you toss these in for me?" Amber's tank top landed squarely in the basket, but her balled-up tights hit the backboard of Lindsey's boob and slid to the floor. "I'd do it myself, but someone banned me from laundry duty."

The one time Amber had tried, her good intentions weren't enough to prevent a sudsy disaster. Lindsey turned to look over her shoulder, the annoyance of added work fading at the sight of her cute girlfriend in her underwear. "You can do all the laundry you want if you agree to let me teach you how. It's not even hard. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually kinda fun."

"God- I'm in love with a dork. Blah blah, important life skill, blah, builds character; whatever. The real fun part of this is watching you all bent over in your old workout gear. And it appears that I'm not the only one enjoying the view," Amber nodded towards the mirror propped against the wall. The other woman confirmed her suspicions by biting her lip and turning her reddening face back towards the washer. She hid for a moment under her long purple bangs, then shifted her gaze again to her reflection, held spellbound by her fulsome figure. Amber put reassuring hands on her partner's flaring hips. "That just means you have good taste."

"Or we could be degenerates. A pill-popping, blimp-titted fatty and her wealthy, enabler girlfriend. I think that's fine too." Lindsey guided Amber's hands to the pinched waistband of her shorts. She wagged her butt in Amber's face. "Down, please."

Amber was happy to comply, tugging them low with exaggerated grunts of effort. "I think this is... as far as they'll... go!" Soon she was staring into the crevice of a delightful half-moon. There had been no telltale panty-lines marring her big cheeks, but it was still exciting for Amber to see that Lindsey wasn't wearing any undies.

Lindsey gave her ass a smack sharp enough get it jiggling hypnotically. "A little larger than you remember it?"

They met years ago when Lindsey started going to the gym, intent on counteracting the metabolism-slowing side-effects of the cocktail of bust enhancers she was taking. For a while she had the best of both worlds and her waist remained slender as her tits ripened beyond melon-fullness. Emboldened by her success, and greedy for more up top, she upped her dosage, which was already well past recommended levels. The delicate balance tipped. Chub appeared on her slender frame that deepened into fat as her appetite spiked. More exercise was powerless to slow the trend. Fat thickened into blubber.

"You were a cutie when you were thin. Witnessing your body blow up though- it woke up a part of me that I didn't know existed. Now I need this." Amber hefted Lindey's tanky butt and gave it a rude squeeze. "I need all of this." She fondled the squishy roll girding Lindsey's midsection. "I want this." She cupped the padding that shrouded Lindsey's shoulder blades, grinning at the boob-like cleavage she could create. Amber draped herself over her girlfriend so she could kiss the soft little domes. "I'm crazy about this." She leaned further, far enough to kiss Lindsey on her rounded cheek, and traced her finger from her chin, down the convex area under her jaw, and stopped short at the base of her neck.

"A-aren't you... forgetting something? Some things?" Amber's added weight was pressing Lindsey's gigantic breasts cruelly into the ground and against the washing machine and her legs. They ached for acknowledgement.

Amber's breath was hot in Lindsey's ear. "Permission to go inside?"

"Granted. Just be careful. Please." The size and crushing weight of her tits made Lindsey feel nervous about Amber playing underneath them.

Amber made sure to drag her own pair over Lindsey's back as she dismounted. They were substantial- each almost the size of her head, but they were jokes compared to the monsters she was about to encounter. Lindsey had her legs spread in anticipation. Amber scooted under her like a car mechanic until her head hit the bumper of under-boob spilling out of the bottom of Lindsey's too-small sports bra. Directly above her was hanging an irresistible enticement: Lindsey's oft-hidden belly. She nuzzled it with her nose, smelling baby powder and lilac soap. At its yielding center was her navel. Amber's tongue poked into the folded fat, teasingly at first, but then deeply enough to reach the nubby prize buried within. A few flicks got Lindsey yipping and squirming.

Everything around Amber was in motion. It was like riding out an earthquake in a cave with pillow walls. Content with pleasing her girlfriends's adorable jelly belly, Amber bullied her head and then her shoulders into the suffocating closeness of Lindsey's tits. Lulling warmth. Benthic pressure. Soundlessness. Staying under was therapy. Time slowed and Amber achieved total relaxation. She could easily go to sleep there if not for that pesky breathing thing.

Reluctantly, she squirmed free, emerging smiling and sweaty. She stood beside Lindsey and fingered a growing rip in the band of her overtaxed bra. She was gloating. "That's exactly what I wanted to do with you when I saw you for the first time. Now I can bury my face in your huge tits whenever I want."  

"Hold on there- I'm not your personal sex jungle gym."

Amber's smirk widened. Lindsey blushed. They both recognized the lie.    


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