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Distractions, Distractions
Note- She didn't have a name or story before, but Lindsey is from way back:…

"Can you toss these in for me?" Amber's tank top landed squarely in the basket, but her balled-up tights hit the backboard of Lindsey's boob and slid to the floor. "I'd do it myself, but someone banned me from laundry duty."

The one time Amber had tried, her good intentions weren't enough to prevent a sudsy disaster. Lindsey turned to look over her shoulder, the annoyance of added work fading at the sight of her cute girlfriend in her underwear. "You can do all the laundry you want if you agree to let me teach you how. It's not even hard. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually kinda fun."

"God- I'm in love with a dork. Blah blah, important life skill, blah, builds character; whatever. The real fun part of this is watching you all bent over in your old workout gear. And it appears that I'm not the only one enjoying the view," Amber nodded towards the mirror propped against the wall. The other woman confirmed her suspicions by biting her lip and turning her reddening face back towards the washer. She hid for a moment under her long purple bangs, then shifted her gaze again to her reflection, held spellbound by her fulsome figure. Amber put reassuring hands on her partner's flaring hips. "That just means you have good taste."

"Or we could be degenerates. A pill-popping, blimp-titted fatty and her wealthy, enabler girlfriend. I think that's fine too." Lindsey guided Amber's hands to the pinched waistband of her shorts. She wagged her butt in Amber's face. "Down, please."

Amber was happy to comply, tugging them low with exaggerated grunts of effort. "I think this is... as far as they'll... go!" Soon she was staring into the crevice of a delightful half-moon. There had been no telltale panty-lines marring her big cheeks, but it was still exciting for Amber to see that Lindsey wasn't wearing any undies.

Lindsey gave her ass a smack sharp enough get it jiggling hypnotically. "A little larger than you remember it?"

They met years ago when Lindsey started going to the gym, intent on counteracting the metabolism-slowing side-effects of the cocktail of bust enhancers she was taking. For a while she had the best of both worlds and her waist remained slender as her tits ripened beyond melon-fullness. Emboldened by her success, and greedy for more up top, she upped her dosage, which was already well past recommended levels. The delicate balance tipped. Chub appeared on her slender frame that deepened into fat as her appetite spiked. More exercise was powerless to slow the trend. Fat thickened into blubber.

"You were a cutie when you were thin. Witnessing your body blow up though- it woke up a part of me that I didn't know existed. Now I need this." Amber hefted Lindey's tanky butt and gave it a rude squeeze. "I need all of this." She fondled the squishy roll girding Lindsey's midsection. "I want this." She cupped the padding that shrouded Lindsey's shoulder blades, grinning at the boob-like cleavage she could create. Amber draped herself over her girlfriend so she could kiss the soft little domes. "I'm crazy about this." She leaned further, far enough to kiss Lindsey on her rounded cheek, and traced her finger from her chin, down the convex area under her jaw, and stopped short at the base of her neck.

"A-aren't you... forgetting something? Some things?" Amber's added weight was pressing Lindsey's gigantic breasts cruelly into the ground and against the washing machine and her legs. They ached for acknowledgement.

Amber's breath was hot in Lindsey's ear. "Permission to go inside?"

"Granted. Just be careful. Please." The size and crushing weight of her tits made Lindsey feel nervous about Amber playing underneath them.

Amber made sure to drag her own pair over Lindsey's back as she dismounted. They were substantial- each almost the size of her head, but they were jokes compared to the monsters she was about to encounter. Lindsey had her legs spread in anticipation. Amber scooted under her like a car mechanic until her head hit the bumper of under-boob spilling out of the bottom of Lindsey's too-small sports bra. Directly above her was hanging an irresistible enticement: Lindsey's oft-hidden belly. She nuzzled it with her nose, smelling baby powder and lilac soap. At its yielding center was her navel. Amber's tongue poked into the folded fat, teasingly at first, but then deeply enough to reach the nubby prize buried within. A few flicks got Lindsey yipping and squirming.

Everything around Amber was in motion. It was like riding out an earthquake in a cave with pillow walls. Content with pleasing her girlfriends's adorable jelly belly, Amber bullied her head and then her shoulders into the suffocating closeness of Lindsey's tits. Lulling warmth. Benthic pressure. Soundlessness. Staying under was therapy. Time slowed and Amber achieved total relaxation. She could easily go to sleep there if not for that pesky breathing thing.

Reluctantly, she squirmed free, emerging smiling and sweaty. She stood beside Lindsey and fingered a growing rip in the band of her overtaxed bra. She was gloating. "That's exactly what I wanted to do with you when I saw you for the first time. Now I can bury my face in your huge tits whenever I want."  

"Hold on there- I'm not your personal sex jungle gym."

Amber's smirk widened. Lindsey blushed. They both recognized the lie.    
GPM OMG by w-oo-t
DoD prompt: "Nature prophet takes his shirt off and becomes the sun god" -Rainbowmaker

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lolimdanoob Featured By Owner 6 days ago
W-oo-t can we expect any more chasing Daphne any time soon and more importantly are you ok? haven't seen any activity from you for so long
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Hey woot. I heard on twitter that you like bicycles. Ever heard of the bowden spacelander bike from the 1960s?…
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It's an iconic design. All the articles I've seen are about its looks. Not a single one mentions ride characteristics. Bikes like this are wall-hangers, their price over-inflated by collectors that hope they keep appreciating in value. I doubt many get ridden.

This eBay auction is just for the wheelset, not a complete bike. They expect some dummy to pay $800 for a pair of nondescript 1960's cruiser wheels with steel rims. 

I'll stick to 80's and 90's road and mountain bikes.
angusyoung3 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
It would be a safer bet to stick with the 80s and 90s mountain bikes.

The bowden spacelander bike is a rare rare bike. Finding parts for it is like looking for a needle in an endless field of haystacks. The bike itself is worth thousands. And its not a bike i would recommend riding. Its more of a museum piece than something one would ride. If i owned one id never ride it. Let me ask you, what do you thi k of peewee hermans bike?
w-oo-t Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Like I said, I'm not into cruisers, especially the bells-and-whistles gas tank variety. If I bought one it'd be a basic model Schwinn Typhoon (preferably in Coppertone) and it'd have to be cheap (well under $100).
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No current ones, as they're not open right now. Sorry!
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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W-oo-t, just gotta say, love your work, it's so well done (outline, shading, etc.), and you never disappoint. Your work also brings along new and interesting characters into your universe, and they're always so goddamn attractive. I'm a huge fan and I see so much potential in you and your art. Keep up the good work! And I'm always interested to see what comes next!
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Yo w-oo-t we uploaded an all new .gif and figured you'd wanna look. Hope you dig it!…
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